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2022 leo horoscope

Leo (Born July 23 to August 2) – 0 to 10 degrees Leo:

Between your want to splurge and your feeling of responsibility, you’re doing a juggling act. Saturn has been slamming on the breaks, slowing you down, and making you feel your age, if not older! It will do so until July, after which you will feel significantly more liberated. The first part of the year, however, zodiac sign dates does not have to be dull. You’re attempting to organize your life to mature if you will.

During this time, your desire for recognition and appreciation from others is at an all-time high, which may be excessive. In other words, when the people around you don’t seem to respect you, you can become too sensitive. Try not to be discouraged by this, and keep in mind that it’s most likely due to an increased desire to be seen that comes from within you. You may be faced with additional duties, or the ones you already have may feel heavier than usual.

Uranus goes into your eighth solar house and throws you a few curve balls while Saturn conjuncts your Sun (or Ascendant). Close friends and family members appear untrustworthy, eccentric, and downright irresponsible. This year, you should keep a watch on shared resources. While you may have a decent handle on your finances, you may find that others are either asking for financial assistance or that their financial mismanagement has a significant impact on your life.

Jupiter opposes your Sun in June, while Mars and Saturn align in Leo, making June and the first half of July particularly difficult for you. Whatever duties or realizations you are confronted with right now are only temporary. As Saturn travels beyond your Sun in the middle of the year, you start to breathe a sigh of relief (or Ascendant). Jupiter is in your fourth solar house, which represents family, roots, and the home. This might be the start of a new, long-term project or company venture, a new addition to your family, the desire to expand, re-decorate, and build your house and domestic life, or the start of a new, long-term project or business venture. This year, your living conditions are likely to improve, and you may find yourself feeling very proud of your family and home. If you decide to relocate or invest in new house additions, do it during Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio, which runs from October 28 to November 18.

This year, close relationships, such as marriage (or long-term) partnerships and commercial ties. Even though Neptune has passed its opposition to your Sun, it remains in your seventh solar house, clouding your connections. Your partners may appear mysterious and unfocused, which can be aggravating. Chiron is also opposed to your Sun (or Ascendant), implying that someone significant in your life is causing you emotional distress or perplexity. During this time, you may not feel in complete control of your relationships. However, your experiences with perplexing or unexpected events provide you with the opportunity to discover what you need and want in your relationships.

When Venus and Mercury align with your Sun in mid-August, you are at your most appealing (or Ascendant). As Saturn moves away from your sign, it improves your entire mood, demeanor, and attitude. It’s projected that you’re happier, which can’t hamper your potential to attract good things. The second part of November, when Venus enters your fifth solar house and trines your Sun, is another time when you can attract fun and pleasure.

Leo (Born August 3 to 12) – 10 to 20 degrees Leo:

What you’re projecting and what you’re attracting this year are opposed. Mid-year, as Saturn approaches conjunct your Sun (or Ascendant), your attitude transforms to one of responsibility and practicality. Simultaneously, the essential people in your life appear enigmatic, befuddled, aimless, and possibly irresponsible. This difference is most noticeable in the middle of the year when Saturn’s transit is at its most intense. An opposition between Saturn on your Sun and Neptune in your seventh solar house of relationships is the cause for this.

Jupiter transits your fourth solar house, which governs your home, family, security, and roots. This is a significant, expansive influence, but it won’t feel that way until Jupiter passes through your Sun’s square in October. You might start a new, long-term initiative–perhaps a project or commercial venture–in the last few months of the year that will benefit you in the future. You may have a strong desire to grow your family or your home. However, while Mercury is retrograde in your fourth solar house from October 28 to November 18, you should avoid projects or purchases that are geared to achieve so. After that, you can safely proceed.

This year, eclipses in your solar second and eighth houses draw your attention to your finances. There are questions about what you possess and how the economics of other people in your life affect you. You could be asked for a loan, or your partner’s spending habits could become an issue. With the North Node in your eighth solar house this year, you’ll be learning about sharing your resources (which might include money, goods, time, and energy) with others.

When Venus is in mid-Sagittarius (from the final week of November to the middle of December), training your Sun (or Ascendant), and moving through your fifth solar house of romance, pleasure, and self-expression, you are at your most attractive.