July 15, 2024

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Why Zambia is Africa’s Best Kept Secret

Why Zambia is Africa’s Best Kept Secret

Simple… This magnificent country boasts of the greatest concentrations of wildlife, stunning scenery, pristine wilderness …and now it’s the southern African Adventure Centre. Above all discover Africa’s friendliest people.

The friendly people with their warm African welcome have made Zambia the haven of peace in Africa.

No war has taken place here. It’s 73 ethic groups live in harmony, an example of unity in diversity. This is the epitome of the country’s harmony and stability.

The pristine wilderness, the profusion of wildlife including the great birding, fishing and water spots now lure visitors to Zambia.

And that’s not all. The fascination of the country’s natural heritage such as awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, the wet lands and water bodies of world repute such as the Lakes Kariba, Tanganyika, and Bangweulu.

Then there are the endemic lechwe antelopes filling the plains of Basunga and Bangweulu plains. The annual wildebeest migration of the Liuwa plains which rivals the Serengeti’s in East Africa.

Zambia Africa is also a birders paradise! No less than 741 bird species have been recorded here.

Zambia lies in the very heart of southern Africa. And Livingstone town has become the Adventure Centre of Southern Africa. Here you’ll find a variety of hi-action packed adventure activities such as;

The thrill of world-class white-water rafting over twenty-three rapids,
Adrenaline chocked bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, a 111m drop,
Abseiling the gorges cut by Zambezi below the falls,
Canoeing safaris down the Zambezi River,
Surfing the river and as well as river boarding,
Excellent tiger and Nile perch fishing,
and watching breathtaking African sunsets, stargazing!

And that’s not all:

Limitless expanse of Lakes Kariba and Tanganyika Snorkelling and scuba diving in an inland lake, a world challenge, House boating on Zambezi Skiing and paddling Birding in bird sanctuaries!

…and of course, the wildlife in the 19 national parks strategically located throughout the country and covering 30 percent of the country’s 752,614 square kilometres!

The African safari in Zambia Africa has captured the market of the international tourists including the upper class traveller of the world.

The concept of the traditional villages and the theme designed hotels and lodges are adventurous, unique and colourful because of the phenomenal culture of the local people’s hospitality and the beautiful landscape. The architecture is strongly African but with exotic flavour.

You’ll discover why Zambia also known as “the real Africa” is Africa’s best-kept tourism secret!!

Do you want to discover the fascinating Africa’s best-kept secret? Would you like to savour it and make it yours?

Then visit Zambia Africa Safari.