Why You Should Get Travel Insurance Even for Domestic Travel?


Travel insurance provides financial protection in the event of an unplanned emergency. Whether it may be an accident or illness during your journey, or misplacement of your passport or checked baggage – most travel insurance policies have all these covered. 

International travel insurance can be mandatory for travelling to many countries. So most individuals get travel insurance while going abroad, but when travelling within their own country, they often skip it. Domestic travel insurance, however, can be just as important as coverage for foreign travel. *

When you book a trip, you only look forward to the trip, and your excitement may often lead to you ignoring the fact that something unwanted can happen anytime, too. In addition to covering yourself, travel insurance also covers your valuables. If something unexpected occurs on your domestic or international vacation, insurance can provide peace of mind and simplify the emergency response procedure. *

Just like in international travel insurance, having domestic travel insurance in India becomes crucial in some circumstances, such as:

Cancellation of vacation: Most people like to book their tickets, hotels, and taxis in advance to prevent additional stress. If you become ill or encounter any unforeseen circumstance, travel insurance may reimburse the cost of your vacation. *

Coverage for medical emergencies: Domestic travel insurance also takes care of emergencies caused by accidents or illnesses. People with minimal or no medical coverage find this function extremely helpful. *

Flight cancellation or delay: If you miss your connecting flight or hotel reservation because of a flight delay or cancellation, you may end up spending a lot of money from your pocket. You may receive compensation from your travel insurance if your trip is interrupted or cancelled. *

Loss of baggage: The risk of baggage loss is the same for a local flight as for an international one. If you are concerned about losing your luggage in transit, buying travel insurance may be a good solution for you. Even though most airlines have compensation programmes for lost luggage, they may not cover your possessions’ full cost. Travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage in the event of lost luggage. *

Personal liability: This is a relatively recent concept introduced by insurance firms. It offers protection  against unintentional damage to the property of others. Accidents can happen to anyone and this sort of coverage offers a way to protect yourself against any mishap you may find yourself involved in. *

You can find numerous possibilities in domestic travel insurance, such as one-time travel, frequent travel, etc. You can choose the solutions that best meet your needs. For instance, you do not need long-term travel insurance if you are on a brief vacation. Conversely, you may benefit more from long-term travel insurance if you are a frequent traveller. *

Domestic travel insurance may not be a compulsion yet, but it can be quite beneficial. Don’t forget to compare travel insurance plans online and purchase a budget-friendly policy every time you are travelling within the country. This relatively small purchase can give you some much-needed peace of mind in the event of any unexpected misfortune. *

To calculate how much premium you would have to pay for your trip, you can use an online travel insurance premium calculator. *

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