July 23, 2024

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The Grove Park Inn Getaway

The Grove Park Inn Getaway

Tucked away in the Mountains of Asheville, NC you’ll find an exclusive resort known as The Grove Park Inn. Get your spa experience like no other in the underwater cavern surrounded by lush nature and hear the relaxing, cool sounds of running water while taking a dip in the mineral pools with soothing music. An outdoor massage and outdoor pool surrounded by rolling green hills golf course landscape and fragrant flowers blooming during the spring and summer season are the norm for a typical stay at the inn. Whether you choose from the Mother-to-be wrap to the Waterfall Body Experience you’ll be sure to get the Grove Park body treatment you deserve!

Upon arrival during the Easter holiday, be prepared to be greeted by bellman in derby hats and full English attire as you drive down the cobble stone driveway to enter the grand lobby known as the Great Hall where the chef will prepare a delightful dish that you can sample or you can get your personal massage. The large lodge-style doors also opened up to the Sunset Terrace for outdoor dining or relaxing and enjoying the view! In the evening you can look forward to enjoying the music of a live Jazz band and a refreshing drink from the Great Hall bar. Cruise the storefront shops for those unique gifts or souvenirs to fill your home with gourmet delights, niche clothing or Christmas trinkets.

There is truly something for everyone to enjoy at the Grove Park Inn. Children can also enjoy the fun with a schedule of exciting and creative kid-friendly activities such as an Easter egg hunt throughout the inn, Easter hat decorating, scavenger hunt, bird-house contest and face painting.

The biggest surprises we found were the gigantic 50,000 square foot Sports Complex that offers tennis, racquet ball, a gym to work-out and recreation for children such as ping-pong all in one facility. We were also greeted at the front of the sports complex by the large wild turkey walking the land as though they were welcoming you to their home. The Grove Park Inn also provides a complimentary in-room video viewing of Easter traditions around the world that is a very entertaining and educational for all ages to enjoy!

You can look for the best deals around the holidays to save up to 50% off on your overnight stay. The best price we found during the Easter holiday was $250 a night with a free dinner choice of Prime Rib or Seafood in the Blue Ridge restaurant (valued savings of $80), a free breakfast and a gift basket filled with The Grove Park music cd and more delivered to your room. Normally the room price is $499 a night. The room choice was located on the Vanderbuilt wing which was also very nice with a King-size bed, office desk and refrigerator with a bar that overlooked the center courtyard near the golf course. During the Easter holiday and many other holidays through-out the year, you can look forward to the Grove Park Inn really turning on the charm and providing a variety of options for a memorable relaxing weekend get-away.