Serpent worship, space-parents, and other details hidden in the Starfield trailer

Starfield’s initially gameplay trailer was uncovered over the weekend, and it really is presented increase to a blend of exhilaration, disappointment, and plenty of speculation. We learned a ton about Bethesda’s room RPG, like that it will include in excess of a thousand planets to check out, that you may be capable to construct outposts and even your possess spaceships, that it’ll have dogfights in room and NPCs you can seek the services of as your crew.

But there are a ton of scaled-down aspects in the trailer that weren’t particularly termed out by Todd Howard all through the gameplay presentation, and diligently rewatching the footage reveals some extra capabilities that we didn’t know about. In this article are the most fascinating minimal tidbits uncovered in the Starfield gameplay trailer, spotted by us and other eagle-eyed sleuths.

You can dock with other ships

We now know you can visit 1,000+ planets (which is either terrible or very good, relying who at Personal computer Gamer you inquire) and we’ve seen you can dogfight in house and construct your own ships, but a short second in the trailer also displays you can dock your ship with other ships.

(Picture credit: Bethesda)

It can be a smaller depth but a probably exciting one. It could be applied to satisfy with other NPC people whilst you’re each in orbit, or perhaps to board and explore derelict ships and quite possibly to include them to your customizable assortment. Finest of all, it could be a characteristic of bounty hunter missions, wherever you dock with and board a ship to acquire out the crew and their leader in a firefight. We do see a limited clip of the participant fighting an individual in zero G in what may be the interior of a ship, so it can be absolutely not out of the question. At any level, it is a single additional detail you can do with your ship in house.

You can possibly take a look at our photo voltaic process, such as Mars

Todd Howard unveiled there had been around a hundred star units and a thousand planets, and we acquired a fast glimpse at Starfield’s galaxy map which showed places like Alpha Centauri, Jaffa, Narion, and others. But Brennanthenerd on Reddit (opens in new tab) noticed the Sol system—our solar system—among the very small pips on the galaxy map, as well. What’s more, yet another temporary shot in the trailer demonstrates the participant walking past a 50 %-buried item on a dusty, a bit reddish world. 

(Graphic credit: Bethesda)

Qeldroma311 on Reddit (opens in new tab) speculates that this may be just one of NASAs old rovers on the surface of Mars. And if we can take a look at our photo voltaic system and land on Mars, isn’t going to that imply we can check out Earth as effectively? What’s the state of our have planet in the distant long term Starfield provides? I am sure Bethesda failed to include things like a total simulation of Earth in Starfield—that would contain cramming the entirety of Microsoft Flight Simulator into the game—but the plan of going to Earth is an intriguing just one.

You can have a dwelling, and room-parents

Between the handful of optional characteristics proven in the character development menu, there are two that stand out. A person trait is called Starter Residence, which states “You own a smaller residence on a peaceful minimal moon, but it arrives with a 50,000 credit rating mortgage loan with GalBank.” That looks the most terrifyingly reasonable element in the total sport, if you talk to me, and also confirms that like in Skyrim, you are going to be in a position to buy a dwelling, if not several properties, in addition to setting up outposts.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A different trait known as “Child Things” suggests “Your mothers and fathers are alive and nicely, and you can check out them at their dwelling. But 10% of all the dollars you gain is deducted quickly and sent to them.” Not only is it good that you’re encouraging assist your moms and dads (and that you even have mother and father), but the strategy of visiting your character’s people is surprisingly captivating.

Landing on planets (in all probability) just isn’t seamless

There have been comparisons to No Man’s Sky (including my very own) and Star Citizen, but both of these video games have seamless planetary landings. You commence in space, you enter the environment, you sooner or later land, and you will find no split for a loading screen.

(Graphic credit history: Bethesda)

We rather substantially know Starfield won’t operate that way for the reason that they would have revealed it and stated it: There is no word builders like more than “seamless.” At a handful of points in the trailer you can see the prompt “X” to land, and each landing we see appears like a cutscene or in-engine cinematic. You can fly close to in place, but when you want to land it seems to be like you might be mechanically set down at your desired destination. Identical with takeoffs, as significantly as I can explain to.