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RV Awning Replacement Fabrics For Motorhomes

5 Tips When You're Looking for RV Awning Replacement Fabric - Carefree of  Colorado

An awning seems so simple, especially on newer RVs where it opens at the touch of a button. There are a few basic tips to keep your awning in top shape and looking great. There are armless awnings, manual awnings, and many other styles but virtually all the mainstream RVs come with the power awning with the arms on the side of the coach.

Top Reasons To Repair or Replace RV Awning Fabric

Rips or Tears Of Awning

Nature isn’t always kind, and often this leads to rips and tears in our RV awning fabric. These must be repaired because they will continue to grow over time, rendering the awning useless. Failure to replace awning fabric on time may result in a bad trip or canceled camping on your trip.

Mold and Mildew Of Awning

The awning when used is exposed to moisture and is often rolled up before that moisture has a chance to dry, mold and mildew are not uncommon. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to get rid of these problems, and in some cases, replacing RV awning fabric is the only alternative.

Aesthetic Reasons

Awnings are out for the world to see on a pretty regular basis. Therefore, those campers with faded or stained awnings may feel the need to do an RV awning fabric replacement. This definitely gives the rig a fresh new look.

Top Things To Consider When Replacing Your RV Awning Fabric

Accurate Measurement Of Your RV

It may seem like it’s difficult to measure and buy the right size of RV awning replacement fabric but it’s really pretty easy. Just measure from arm to arm on your awning to get an idea of the large measurement, then measure from end cap to end cap on the roll tube.

Read what the final length of the awning material is and if it is shorter than the measurement between the end caps you are good to go. For more detailed instructions on how to measure for replacement awning fabric check out this article.

RV Awning Replacement Fabric Material Of Your Choice

All RV awning fabrics are made with some kind of vinyl because it is durable, UV resistant, water resistant, and can stand being rolled in and out over and over again. But, not all vinyl is made equal. The more layers of vinyl the fabric has and the heavier it is the better quality it will be. For instance, the basic RV awning fabrics will just be made with a single layer of vinyl. And the premium ones will have 3 or even 4 layers.

If you only camp a few times a year and rarely use your RV awning a basic option will most likely be enough but if you use your awning all the time and camp a lot I recommend getting a thicker premium RV awning fabric.

RV Awning Fabric Color

There is a wide selection of colors you can buy for your RV, travel trailer, or camper but remember that lighter colors will reflect the sun and darker colors will soak in the sun.

You can feel the difference between a white or light-colored awning when you stand under it compared to a black one. If you camp where it’s sunny and hot you may want to go with a lighter-colored awning fabric over a dark one.

Conclusion –

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