May 20, 2024

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Q&A on Benefits of ICU Travel Nurse Jobs

Medical/Surgical Travel Nursing Jobs | Cross Country Nurses

Travel nurses come in different categories and each has specialization. One of these are ICU nurse jobs, ICU travel nurses are one of the highest paying types of travel nurses since they attend to patients who need closed monitoring.

Q&A on Benefits of ICU Travel Nurse Jobs Overseas

How much Does an ICU Travel Nurse Earn?

ICU travel nurses can earn $2,900 to $3,600 a week , this salary is bigger compared with regular ICU nurses. To be able to get continued assignments connecting with a travel nurse agency will be better. When you are with travel nurse agencies , they can give your continued assignment all year round. In this way you can have job security even if each assignment can only last for 13 weeks as the shortest.

What are the Duties of ICU RN Jobs?

ICU Travel nurses are responsible for monitoring patients with life threatening conditions and illnesses. Duties also include dispensing of medicine for patients as well as communicating with families to the needs of the patients. Emotional support is also part of their duties, since it is needed for the patients and his families.

What Other Benefits Can an ICU Travel Nurse Have?

Apart from their basic salary they can get bonuses, such as referral bonuses when referring someone to also work as a travel nurse. That’s one good thing about working as a travel nurse, you can bring along your friends and your acquaintances. Another bonus given is performance bonus, each nurse who works the extra mile deserves an extra pay. Overtime pay is also given.With all these extra pay then you can earn more compared when working in your own hometown.

Can an ICU Travel Nurse Take a Break from Work?

Each assignment lasts for 13 weeks or more depending on the agreement and depending on the need of the medical facility you will be working with. After each assignment you can opt to take a break maybe for a few weeks. This will be the perfect time for you to explore the place you are assigned to. One of the perks of being a travel nurse is to be able to have time to have fun by visiting spots and discovering places on your work destination. Nurses are loving this set up that’s why they were motivated to work as a travel nurse.

How many Hours does an ICU Work in Each Shift?

40 hours per week is the minimum working time, once the 40 hours is covered the excess hours is counted as overtime.  Shift depends on the schedule given by medical facilities, can vary from 8-hour, 10-hours and 12-hours each shift. ICU travel nurses are expected to work longer hours since they need to monitor their patients closely.

What is the Accommodation Arrangement?

Housing is provided for ICU travel nurses to let them feel at home when they work in their destination. Housing is fully furnished and comfortable so travel nurses can rest well after their long shift. They know how tiring it is to work as an ICU nurse, so they want you to be able to be comfortable during your work. But if you prefer to find your own place, then it is also possible. They will be giving you a housing stipend to be able to financially assist you on your home rentals.

How Does Travel Nursing Work?

You can contact your travel nurse agency and ask for the requirements needed since some may require other credentials apart from the licenses and certificates. Once you have passed your credentials the travel nurse agency will be looking for a destination where they can assign you. You can now wait for their call or notification regarding your destination and schedule of your travel. Then you are set to go! Another good thing about it is, you can choose your destination from the available options they will be showing you.
These are the benefits of ICU travel nurse jobs, it will be enough to motivate each ICU nurse to grab the opportunity to work and travel at the same time. This will be the perfect set up to grow professionally and personally as well. There is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to pursue your career and travel the world.