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Parking: Basement

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The Basement Parking area kind refers to parking positioned beneath grade inside an occupied construction. As described for the WBDG, the Level of Service of the Inside/Basement Parking is LOS B, indicating use through a few unexpected customers, slight each day turnover, and medium percent of small vehicles and mild trucks; and requiring one-manner aisles of 11′-0″ straight-methods and 13′- 6″ turns. See additionally WBDG Parking Structure.


All parking structures—whether or not basement, structured, or surface—have to offer the secure and green passage of vehicles and site visitors to and from their vehicles. Therefore, interest ought to receive to impart the most driving force visibility viable in any respect turning factors alongside the roadway. While Federal Courthouses Have Inside/Basement parking for handiest the judges and Marshals Service, it’s far standard underneath Office Buildings for constructing occupants and site visitors as well. Typical capabilities of the Parking: Basement area kind consist of the listing of relevant layout goals factors as mentioned beneath. For a whole listing and definitions of the layout goals withinside the context of the entire constructing layout, click on the titles beneath.


Parking Spaces and Entrances: Accessible Vecsés parkolás areas have to be furnished for every parking shape related to the construction and calculated separately. At least one of each 6 reachable areas, or a fraction of 6, in every parking facility, has to be sized to deal with vans. Accessible areas have to be dispersed amongst reachable entrances and be positioned in the shortest direction to the entrances that they serve. (There are versions to the guidelines relying on the constructing kind. See the U.S. Access Board for extra information.)

Finishes: Incorporate slip-resistant finishes to fulfill accessibility requirements.

Signage: The global image of accessibility has to be located in the front of the parking areas established as a minimum of 5 toes above the ground, measured to the lowest of the sign. Van reachable areas consist of the designation “van reachable”.


Materials and Colors: Parking is plenty of a vacation spot because of the construction. Drivers are looking to discover the parking storage and the great manner to go into it. Aesthetics play a critical position in how the general construction and the companies/businesses inside it are perceived. Care and interest ought to receive to the colors and substances used withinside the area to create a sense of protection and simplicity of getting entry. Durable substances and finishes ought to be used to hold the arrival of the area.

Graphics: Incorporate visually exciting and informative images to relay messages approximately directions, activities, and occasions withinside the construction.


Life Cycle Analysis: Incorporate substances, products, and structures that meet long-time period life-cycle overall performance dreams to lessen operations and preservation fees.

Maintenance: Care and preservation of the parking shape ought to be a part of the plan to hold the classy fee and extend its carrier life.

Plan for Additional Uses Design parking for destiny variations into areas inclusive of places of work or apartments, with the purpose to generate extra revenues. Consider renting out unused parking areas to close by tenants for percentage fees and additionally generate extra revenue. Consider growing close to mass transit if constructing a brand-new shape or maybe renovating a current shape to keep fees and sell opportunity styles of transportation.

Functional / Operational

Additional Structural Requirements: Below grade extension of the constructing shape to deal with basement parking is required. This includes extra excavation, structural frame, ground slabs above, sloped car get entry to ramps, and basement perimeter partitions and walls keeping apart parking from different constructing enclosed areas. Typical structural ground creation is a 4000 PSI 6″ concrete slab with welded cord cloth designed for a stay load of eighty LBS/SF, and with a ramp slope of no extra than 5.5%. more

Space Allocation: A common storage calls for 3 to 6 instances of extra rectangular toes than the real measurement of a vehicle to deal with pressure aisles, ramps, and preferred parking area dimensions. Land fees preserve to rise, even as the supply of area is turning scarce. Consider incorporating an elevated generation of computerized parking structures wherein land and area are at a premium. This can lessen the quantity of wanted rectangular toes, in addition, to keeping on creation fees and standard working fees.

Signage and Wayfinding: Signage ought to suggest all foremost inner pedestrians get entry to factors in addition to outside foremost roads and buildings. In basement parking, pavement markings are reflective paint and site visitors manipulate signage is generally reflective steel with minimal 5″ excessive letters. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways presents steerage on pavement marking and signage.

Ventilation: The parking region is commonly furnished with unconditioned air utilizing more than one velocity fan, ideally interlocked with carbon monoxide detectors tied into an alarm device. 1-half CFM in line with rectangular foot capability and 100% exhaust air coordinated with the deliver air device is recommended. more

Parking Management: Pre-synthetic cubicles with transaction home windows and deal trays may be set up at vehicular entrances/exits to manipulate getting into and exiting vehicles. A cooling device, like a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC), is generally integrated to deliver the sales space with out of doors air at superb stress relative to surrounding parking areas. Additionally, bear in mind enforcing digital access and go-out machines, making it less difficult for customers to self-park and pay. This is a great manner to song storage site visitors’ styles and manipulates cash extra successfully and safely.