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By Myriam Mar16,2022
5 Cultural and Historical sites to visit in Mykonos - The TownHouse Mykonos  Hotel


Traveling abroad is a greatly beneficial part of the educational experience and education advisors the world over encourage their students who can afford it, to take whatever opportunity or time they have to engage in this activity. Whether it is a summer holiday or a part-time gig working through school breaks, it provides an opportunity for them to learn and be immersed in the culture of whatever county they choose to go to. In recent times, Greece has become a top destination for students the world over who seek to study and or work in the culturally rich nation, particularly the Cycladic island of Mykonos. The island, like most parts of Greece is rife with artifacts from ancient Greek civilization and this makes for a very educational and relaxing experience for student travelers. It is a place rich in culture and tradition and steeped in mythological Grecian history. Vestiges of ancient Greek civilization are scattered all over the island. They are landmarks that represent the history of this mystical island and it makes for a very educative as well as aesthetic experience for students.

Top 6 Historical Sites to Visit in Mykonos

  • Top on the list of landmarks to visit are the Windmills of Mykonos. Standing on the hills on the border of Mykonos town, the windmills are a testament of a time before electricity, where wind power was used to operate the mills to grind and process grain. There were originally 16 of these structures but today, only seven remain preserved and have been turned into museums.
  • Next is the famous Panaghia Paraportiani Church. There are about 365 churches in Mykonos, but because of its unique architecture, Paraportiani is most famous. The asymmetrical style church is made up of 4 other smaller churches with the main dome church built on top of them. It was built over 4 centuries and sports the signature whitewashed paint common to Mykonos. Although it occasionally holds mass, it is largely a museum and tourist site.
  • The Armenistis Lighthouse is an emblem of the rich naval history of Mykonos. Built in 1891 and utilized extensively during the war, the lighthouse is located in the northern and western part of Cape Armenitis. Its tower measures 19 meters and focal height of 184 meters. The site offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the town of Mykonos. 
  • North of Chora is the village of Ano Mera which is the second largest village in Mykonos and also one of the oldest as well. A mere 15-minute drive away from Mykonos town, it is located in the heart of the island and stands out for its quiet simplicity. It is a refreshing change from the busy often crowded lanes of Mykonos town. Here, one can take lazy walks around the minimally populated village and take in the calm relaxed ambience it is known for.
  • Lastly is the Delos Island, a favorite among car accident lawyers, which is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Greece. The tiny island which locals consider to be sacred is the mythical birthplace of the Greek god Apollo. It used to be a religious center complete with Doric temples. Today, all that is left are the ruins of markets, amphitheaters, and the terrace of the lion’s statue. 

Where to Stay While in Mykonos

The first priority for any student traveling anywhere is to find a suitable place to stay, somewhere safe and comfortable to rest after spending the day working or sightseeing. There are several types of accommodation options on the island to choose from but few offer luxury services at affordable budget friendly rates. One of such gems is the Adorno Beach Hotel and Suites. Located a few meters away from the Ornos beach, the hotel offers tastefully furnished bohemian décor inspired rooms which still maintain the traditional classic Cycladic style Grecian interior décor is known for. The spacious rooms also have inbuilt facilities like free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, laptops and 24hr room service. Some rooms come with a view of the Aegean Sea, Jacuzzi and private pools. 


When Mykonos is mentioned, the first thing that is likely to run through the mind is the vacation and party spot it is famous for but it is more than that. The historical landmarks of Mykonos are guaranteed to provide students with a firsthand experience of Grecian history by way of the landmarks that remain a testament to centuries of history both literal and mystical.

By Myriam

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