May 22, 2024

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Environment-Friendly Hangout Places in Jakarta

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The more severe global warming makes us who live on the planet Earth must be more aware of the environment. Who doesn’t want to live on a beautiful green planet? Lately, many movements and campaigns aim to invite others to be more environmentally friendly, not just for mere trends. This will have a more positive impact on the environment.

Starting from the packaging to zero-waste foods, it will make a good impact on our environment! Here are some cool places you can visit which are environmentally friendly!

1. The Writers Bar, Raffles, Jakarta

The Writers bars in jakarta is one of the most visited hotel bars, especially at the end of the year. There are many attractive offers from Raffles Jakarta, like enjoying a cocktail while listening to the musical strains of live jazz. Besides being comfortable, you can also enjoy various drinks, including the Sustainable Negroni. Mixologists specially mix this drink from The Writers Bar to produce their signature negroni. In addition, Sustainable Negroni is claimed to be a concept whose main goal is to remain environmentally responsible but not to eliminate the timeless drinking experience.

2. SELATAN, Kemang

SELATAN is one of the cafes in Kemang, with a good ambiance and delicious food. The beautiful concept with all green nuances makes this cafe feel homey, making visitors feel at home for a long time. SELATAN is a space for eating, drinking, film screenings, discussions, and acting and dancing classes. SELATAN also doesn’t mess with the menu choices. Not only classic Indonesian food, but this cafe also provides some vegan dishes. The environmentally friendly movement of this cafe is in the selection of ingredients obtained from sustainable markets and fisheries.

3. Burgreens, Jakarta

This vegetarian restaurant with an eco-friendly concept cares about menu selection. Burgreens uses plantation products from farmers as raw materials. That’s why all menus from Burgreens taste fresh and delicious, even if tasted by non-vegans. Not only that, Burgreens’ concern for the environment can be seen from the eco-friendly way of packaging. Burgreens uses bags made from degradable cassava for its food packaging. Wood cutlery and paper straws are also used as a go-green movement from Burgreens. One of the movements for sustainable indonesia!

Those are some cool places to hang out that are also environmentally friendly! What are you waiting for? Let’s eat while taking care of our environment!