July 23, 2024

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Did Trump Mark Father’s Day With Attack on Cheney and DeSantis?

In June 2022, Donald Trump marked the occasion of Father’s Day by posting an official statement in which he attacked political rivals, including Liz Cheney and Ron DeSantis.

Fact Check

In June 2022, social media users critical of former U.S. President Donald Trump seized upon what appeared to be an unusual official statement in which he marked the occasion of Father’s Day by attacking his political rivals and boosting his own performance as a dad.

However, the statement was a fabrication created by a left-wing group that regularly produces what it calls “satire supporting Dems.” Our rating therefore is “Originated as Satire.”

The fake Father’s Day statement, which was supposedly dated June 19, was posted repeatedly to Facebook. It began:

Today is Father’s Day, where we celebrate fatherhood and the influence we have on society. I have been a father to many things in this great country…

When re-posted on Facebook and elsewhere, the statement gave no inkling as to its true, original source, which was the Twitter account @StandForBetter — a left-wing political action committee which routinely publishes bogus Trump statements and describes its output as satirical. Snopes has previously debunked several similar hoaxes from Stand for Better.

In reality, Trump’s genuine, official statements appear on one of the following platforms: his own website; his TruthSocial account; the Twitter feed of his spokesperson Liz Harrington; or the Twitter feed of his spokesperson Taylor Budowich.

The Father’s Day statement did not appear in any of those places, on or around June 19, so one could safely determine it was a hoax even without being aware of its true origins as would-be satire.


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