August 11, 2022

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Best Things to do in Colorado Springs, CO

16 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Colorado Springs, CO | PlanetWare

Colorado Springs is the most beautiful city  City in the USA. The population of this city is about 478,961. Colorado Springs is the second most populated and beautiful City in the State of Colorado. In this article, we will discuss “Best things to do in Colorado Springs” and we will also discuss Which best places of Colorado Springs we have to Visit.

Garden of The gods:

There is the most beautiful Landmark in this City named “Garden of the gods”. The formation of rocks on this landmark looks like gods have Carved them. Looking at those rocks at different times of the day gives you such cool vibes. There is a Park you can Explore which is so beautiful. The park can be explored by walking or by taking a bike with you. Views are amazing and are worth a visit. They will charge you no admission fee if you are the only guy in the park and is exploring.

Pikes Peak:

Pikes Peak is also called American Mountain and its height is about 14000 feet. Tourists and visitors have been visiting this most beautiful and gigantic mountain since the 19th century. The color of these mountains is pink and a famous singer Katharine Lee Bates was inspired by the beauty of these mountains and she wrote a song “America the Beautiful”. A lot of hikers visit here just to take those amazing photos with their high-resolution cameras. You can explore this mountain any time and there are no restrictions throughout the year.

Royal Gorge:

From Royal Gorge, you can view those Colorful and beautiful rocks of “Garden of the Gods” and those gigantic mountains of Pike Peaks. Royal Gorge is 1200 feet deep and 12 miles and it leads to the Arkansas River. If you are a fan of ziplines then you are in the right place.

The tickets are expensive but visitors always loved to visit here for climbing and hiking etc.

Mueller State Park:

Mueller State Park is located just 30 miles west of the State of Colorado. Bringing your binoculars as well as your hiking shoes together make this trip so cool. In this beautiful Park of Colorado Springs, You will mostly spot eagles, bears, and elk. If you hike alone you know it will be risky as there are wildlife animals so it better not make any sound. Drivers mostly charged you 9$ per drive.

USA Airforce Academy:

It’s actually an academy for pilots where they get their training. First, you have to visit the visitor center and they will give you some instructions and maps which are a must then you are free to go and explore the areas you love. You can watch those plans roam here and there in those beautiful mountains are nearby and if you are lucky they will give you a plan rides and what is more interesting than that in Colorado Springs. The airforce academy is just 15 miles away from Colorado Springs.