June 14, 2024

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Best Sun Direct Recharge Plans 2022!

Sun Direct recharge plans for 1 month: Check out the best subscription plans  here

DTH has become an integral part of our daily entertainment. Players like Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, D2H and others have taken over the entire nation, especially the Northern and Western parts of it. Meanwhile, Sun Direct DTH rules over the Southern and Eastern parts of the country. Today let’s check out some of the best Sun Direct recharge plans offered in the year 2022.

Best Sun Direct SD & HD Packages

Channels available on a DTH platform are usually divided into SD i.e. Standard Definition channels and HD i.e. High Definition channels. Moreover, many DTH providers these days also offer regional and language-based packages to cater to the ever-evolving customer’s needs. These packages also vary according to the economic capacity of the customer.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Sun Direct recharge packages offered in the year 2022:

Best Sun Direct Recharge Packages – SD Channels
DTH Plan NameNumber Of ChannelsValidityPrice
MY FTAAll Free To Air Channels30 Days₹ 49.15*
Tamil KushiPay Channels (102)30 Days₹ 254.24*
Telugu ValuePay Channels (80)30 Days₹ 178.81*
Kannada KushiPay Channels (88)30 Days₹ 237.29*
Malayalam SuperPay Channels (91)30 Days₹ 186.44*
Bengali EconomyPay Channels (68)30 Days₹ 127.97*
Marathi SuperPay Channels (92)30 Days₹  230.51*
Odia ValuePay Channels (70)30 Days₹ 150.85*
ROI EconomyPay Channels (74)30 Days₹ 166.1*
ROI ValuePay Channels (95)30 Days₹ 221.19*

*Network Capacity Fee & Tax extra

Best Sun Direct Recharge Packages – HD Channels
DTH Plan NameNumber Of ChannelsValidityPrice
HD Tamil UltimatePay Channels (87)30 Days₹ 195.76*
HD Telugu UltimatePay Channels (90)30 Days₹ 283.9*
HD Kannada ClassicPay Channels (62)30 Days₹ 192.37*
HD Malayalam UltimatePay Channels (83)30 Days₹ 222.88*
HD Bengali SmartPay Channels (48)30 Days₹ 151.69*
HD Marathi UltimatePay Channels (74)30 Days₹ 261.86*
HD Odia SmartPay Channels (50)30 Days₹ 160.17*
HD ROI UltimatePay Channels (76)30 Days₹ 244.07*
HD Tamil Prime Plus 3 MPay Channels (51)180 Days₹ 400.85*
HD Tamil Prime Plus 6 MPay Channels (51)360 Days₹ 759.32*

*Network Capacity Fee & Tax extra

Now these were Curated Packs offered by Sun Direct. You can also choose to get some add-ons from Sun Direct Bouquets or Broadcaster Bouquets, as well as add separate channels from the Broadcaster À la carte menu.

Sun Direct Recharge Online

Now that we’ve talked about the best packages offered by Sun Direct, it’s time to talk about the best option for your Sun Direct recharge online i.e. Airtel Payments Bank. It not only helps you make quick and easy Sun Direct recharge but also helps you perform other DTH recharge such as the Tata Sky recharge or the D2H recharge. Moreover, it also offers exclusive benefits, offers and cashback for doing your DTH recharge through them.