7 Ways Road Warriors can De-Stress on a Business Trip

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Companies and startups have been leveraging the great comeback of business travel by making employees engage in domestic and international business travel. The surge in the number of work trips makes it essential for employees to protect their physical and mental health by minimizing stress.

Businesses have been helping road warriors manage stress by updating travel policies and automating business travel management. Hence, you have more options and choices while planning and organizing business trips. But you still need to understand how road warriors reduce stress while traveling for work.

7 Ways Road Warriors Reduce the Stress of Frequent Business Travel

1. Making an Elaborate Travel Itinerary

Road warriors access important information in seconds by making business travel itineraries. They make the travel itinerary comprehensive by including detailed information about flights, accommodations, ground transportation, day-to-day work schedules, and important contact numbers. You must make a comprehensive travel itinerary to achieve predefined business travel goals without experiencing stress.

2. Booking the Right Business Travel Solutions

Road warriors understand that certain business travel solutions make them experience more stress. For instance, connecting flights makes them angry and irritated. Also, connecting flights increases the risk of flight delays and cancellations.

Likewise, some hotels do not provide the facilities and amenities required to unwind and relax after business meetings. You can use travel management software implemented by your company to choose business travel solutions that reduce stress while making a business travel booking

3. Planning Business Travel Packing

Road warriors reduce stress during business trips by carrying all necessary travel accessories. They make trip-specific travel packing lists to ensure that no essential travel accessory is left behind. You can avoid stress during work trips by making a comprehensive travel packing list that includes travel documents, foreign currencies, clothing, toiletries, medication, and electronic devices.

4. Focusing on Diet, Exercise, and Sleep

Many work travelers affect their personal wellness by eating unhealthy foods, skipping routine exercise, and sleeping inadequately. Road warriors relieve stress by complementing breakfast with mid-afternoon and evening snacks. Likewise, they stay hydrated, avoid alcoholic beverages, and reduce sugar intake.

At the same time, they elevate energy levels by exercising before going to sleep. Also, they make it a practice to get adequate sleep by blocking out noise, switching off lights, adjusting room temperature, and using sleep accessories.  

5. Taking Advantage of Downtime

Employers create opportunities for work travelers to de-stress by supporting bleisure travel. But road warriors relieve stress after business meetings by indulging in a variety of activities during downtime. For instance, many road warriors relieve stress by practicing meditation or breathing exercises. Likewise, many work travelers remain stress-free by walking or running. Also, it is common for business travelers to use downtime as an opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones.

6. Filing Travel Expense Reports Early

Often road warriors experience stress after work trips when there is a delay in business travel expense reimbursements. They speed up expense reimbursements by submitting expense reports early. The expense management platform implemented by your company enables you to generate automated expense reports.

But it generates expense reports by scanning various receipts and invoices. Hence, you can generate automated expense reports quickly when you keep all receipts and invoices organized. It is important to store receipts and invoices in an envelope after organizing them chronologically.

7. Leveraging Duty-of-Care Solutions

Organizations these days keep work travelers safe and stress-free by implementing travel management software featuring duty-of-care solutions. Road warriors access the duty-of-care solution to manage emerging travel risks and deal with unforeseen emergencies by getting real-time assistance and support. While planning international business trips, you should spend some time understanding the duty-of-care solutions provided by your company.


The comeback of business travel will impact your personal wellness by making you experience stress. But you can accomplish preset business travel goals only by remaining stress-free before, during, and after business trips. Hence, the best practices followed by road warriors will help you de-stress while engaging in business travel.  

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